Macy’s Herald Square

151 West 34th St., NY, NY

Mezzanine Renovation

As part of a $400 Million-dollar overall renovation to this location, EC Provini performed several large projects for Macy’s.  The mezzanine job in particular had many challenges. The project involved a total closure of the “1 ½ mezzanine area”. 40,000 sf was demolished, renovated and turned over to store operations 100% complete in 16 weeks. EC Provini faced many challenges such as the low deck and the desire by Macy’s to maintain a minimum ceiling height. After demolition, many hidden conditions were discovered due to the scarcity of documentation and the age of the building. Other challenges included logistics of getting men and materials to the jobsite in a timely fashion as there were other ongoing projects in the building and ability to schedule sprinkler, electrical shutdowns, etc.  As well, given the high profile, we encountered many design changes on the fly that had to be priced, performed (including demolition of work already installed!) and completed without adding to the schedule and staying within budget.

We were contracted as a Construction Manager which included the following services:


  • Create 3 budgets based on 33%, 66% and 99% drawings as they became available.
  • Attend design, phasing and logistics meetings
  • Create detailed schedules and review phasing plans and comment.
  • Create subcontractor bidders list
  • Create detailed scopes of work and misc. bid documents to ensure thorough bids
  • Distribute bid packages to all bidders.
  • Obtain sealed bids for opening in presence of (2) Macy’s Employees.
  • Review bids with Macy’s, Architect and Engineer by conducting on site bid interviews.
  • Make Recommendations of winning subcontractors to Macy’s.
  • Issue subcontracts to contractors.



  • Provide full time supervision, project management and clean up.
  • Provide project management, RFI submission and follow up, submittal/Shop drawing submission and distribution.
  • Administer minimum of one weekly meeting with subcontractors and client.
  • Keep meeting minutes and distribute to all parties.
  • Weekly updates of project schedule/timeline.
  • Site Safety.  NYCDOB, due to the size and complexity, deemed this a “special project” which required additional emphasis and documentation on site safety measures.  These measures have now been implemented on all of our projects.
  • Ensure project was kept on schedule for timely completion.
  • Ensure quality of work by subcontractors.
  • Distribute all changes in documentation (Revisions, Bulletins etc.) to all relevant parties.
  • Coordinate all logistics and security needs.
  • Ensure job completion and timely turnover.
  • Maintain presence on site until floor was back open for business.

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